Geckeler Michels

"Armless sofas are truly casual since they are really basic in their function, but with some extras for all-around users – we love the fact, that someone can easily sleep on the couch since no armrests are limiting you..

..Not to forget the famous facing-down reader’s position, where the book or the mag is lying on the floor and the reader’s head is hanging over the sofa’s edge… a must-have for long reads."

Geckeler Michels


a plain and clean looking armless sofa with a seamless backrest and the key visual element of bossed cushions on the seat surface which are delimited with stitched pipings.


The color of the pillow is as shown in the picture. If you would like to have a different one, please contact hello@commonseating.com

2 Seater

Overall width: 170 cm; Seat depth: 85 cm; Overall height: 70 cm; Seat height: around 40 cm; Leg width: 10 cm.

3 Seater

Overall width: 255 cm; Seat depth: 85 cm; Overall height: 70 cm; Seat height: around 40 cm; Leg width: 10 cm.


Overall width: 85 cm; Seat depth: 85 cm; Overall height: 70 cm; Seat height: around 40 cm; Leg width: 10 cm.


Expect delivery times up to 6 weeks and usually less. Every product is made to order - ensuring we don't produce unnecessary. Your shipping cost is 150€, even if the actual price exceeds that.

FABRIC Samples

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Available materials
Black blue
Kvadrat Revive 1 -184
100% Recycled polyester.
Kvadrat Revive 1 - 144
100% Recycled polyester.
Kvadrat Revive 1 - 774
100% Recycled polyester.
Kvadrat Vidar 3 - 222
94% New wool from New Zealand, Australia and Norway, 6% Nylon. Comfortable, hard wearing, dirt repellant, flame retardant, natural and sustainable.
Kvadrat Vidar 3 - 622
94% New wool from New Zealand, Australia and Norway, 6% Nylon. Comfortable, hard wearing, dirt repellant, flame retardant, natural and sustainable.
Dark Petrol Green
Kvadrat Vidar 3 - 1062
94% New wool from New Zealand, Australia and Norway, 6% Nylon. Comfortable, hard wearing, dirt repellant, flame retardant, natural and sustainable.
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Distance to Copenhagen, DK

750 km


Alytus, Lithuania

S-Form is located in one of the industrial capitals in the north of Lithuania. They do pillows, seats, upholstery, frame manufacturing, foam parts and sewing. Specialized in high and stable quality (reclamation rate under 1%).

They are active in taking responsibility for Lithuania's unemployment situation. S-form is recruiting a lot of people from the unemployment agency ‘’Darbo birža’’.

We decided on the factory after several visits in Lithuania in order to ensure the best conditions and quality products.

CEO Saulius Mockus and CFO are involved full time in the day-by-day business activities. Quality checks and control in all of the production steps. They operate according to the local government laws, covering governmental social insurance without any governmental debts.

They produce mostly for Italian, German and Scandinavian furniture companies, exporting 100% from Lithuania.

Alytus, Lithuania
750 km
from CPH, DK

Geckeler Michels

“What inspires me is not so far away, or let’s say not exotic."


“Aesthetic and function is what still drives me most.”


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What did you have for breakfast? 

F: Bread with peanut butter strawberry jam.

D: Egg benedict.

Do you have a signature dish? Something you always make your guests to return?

D: I think I do; to welcome my friends I often cook my grandma’s best dishes! 

F: In winter times it is definitely the fennel radicchio-rose risotto.

Do you dance at home? What’s your favourite song to dance to?

D: I dance to every kind of music, even when there is no music around I dance.

F: (laughing) That’s so true, David, you have an electrified body…  On my side, at home I started dancing to cheesy pop tunes together with my 2,5-year-old son.

What is a good track/album/playlist to hang out to?

F: YouTube auto play made me rediscovered this 2003 album from Tommy Guerrero, its name is Soul Food Taqueria.


D: All the „Friends of LACK“ sets from my beloved Berlin label LACK Rec.

Are there any spaces / homes that have made an impact on you?  

D: The 60’s pavilion style home from my grandparents as well my father’s architecture and the house I grew up in.

F: The sacred spaces and art museums I visited have strong emotional impact on me due to their contemplative qualities enabling individual transcendence. To name one, I have to think about the minimal art museum Dia Beacon which is in the state of New York.

What was the house like where did you grow up? 

D: The house was designed by my father, which is a privilege to have a house conceived by the same people using it. It was close to the Lake of Constance, it was a multi-storey modernist timber construction with a lot of glass and bridges. 

F: The house I grew up is an old water mill, the first floor was for living, had a terrace and wooden floors, the ground floor was transformed to an art studio for my dad’s work.

What’s your favourite thing at home?

D: I love my Megaron floor lamp from Artemide, a nice example of Italian functionalist design of the 70’s. It uses simple aluminium extrude profile and the halogen spot gives a super light in my living room.

F: This Ikea spot lamp I have since I was a kid is a good example of efficiency in production and brutalism in form of a plastic product. Maybe the fact that I grew up with it made it beloved and made me forget some aesthetical flaws.   

Who do you feel are doing cool things now or in the past?

D: There were and are so many influencing and inspiring creative around, but it´s definitely a luck that I met Frank, he’s doing cool things ;-)

F: Maybe David is right, at least I hope so (laughing)…. well it’s hard to pick one or the other person, the idol idea was more something thought of in my early years. 

Who/what inspires you? 

F: In my opinion, what inspires me is not so far away or let’s say exotic. As a designer duo we look at what happens or happened in design culture and we draw a lot from what and who we are, what we have experienced and learned so far…

D: … sampling is the right term to describe creating things based on various inspirations, cultures and energies nowadays. Aesthetic and function is what still drives me most.

How does it look where you work? 

Is that where you feel where you do the best work or does it serve another function?

D: Mainly the creative work happens behind our central placed mutual big desk, where I sit with Frank side by side to think and work out our designs. 

F: Our studio is in the ground floor shop in Berlin Neukölln which gives a nice connection with the neighbourhood and the people living there. The space maybe could have more daylight and it could be even bigger. There is never enough room for product designers, we simply collect so many materials, samples, mock-ups and prototypes.

What should a sofa do for you?

D: It should invite me to sit down/lay down and have a lazy evening while being a well proportioned sculpture in the room during the daytime.

F: It should make me naturally feel comfortable at home, in a lounge, in a pool party, at friends’ place… so many scenarios that need this one function.

Is there any work you would like to share with us and why?

D: I think you should have a look at our BIAS side tables, they are just right next to any sofa ;-)

A correspondence over email between David, Frank and Jonas (Common) in November 2017.



Otto Busses Vej 5a, OBV 0262450 Copenhagen SV Denmark

+45 30 25 35 15uffe@commonseating.com

Open for visits

Monday to Friday 10.00 – 17.00

NEW YORK Showroom

22 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Opening 2019


Schinkestraße 9 2. Hinterhof Souterrain 12047

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