1. People, stuff, life

The furniture is important yes. But equally important is the life around and on it. But taking images of people can be difficult, it's totally okay to pose, but it can hard to do naturally. TIP: An easier way is to photograph yourself or someone doing something on or around the furniture e.g. playing games, eating, dancing, jumping, sleeping, reading, kissing and so on.

'Life' is also all the stuff around the furniture, stuff is a sign of life. Stuff on the walls, other furniture or even the mess we all have laying around. Stuff tells a story. TIP: Point the camera so what you want to photograph is in the center of the frame

Jeg tror folk fanger det hurtigere hvis der kommer nogle kommentarer på hvert billede, så tror jeg det bliver lettere for dem at afkode der skal være en historie/mening med billedet

1. - 2. Getting comfortable 3. Drinks from last night/ Drinks getting 4. Left toy from a child


Try to get plenty of light on the subject. If you are shooting after sundown, it's typically a good idea to add more light than you usually prefer. Flash can help. TIP: When the sun is up, try to only use the daylight as the color is different than artificial light and it can look weird with warm and cold light at the same time.



When you shoot pictures and video, please use and send us the highest quality possible. A good way is to use a filesharing service like wetransfer.com, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar.