Things should be made at the highest quality possible, and it would be stupid not to make them last as long as possible. 

Our production is small and quality driven and our partners are picked in order to honour our beliefs in sustainable production.

We are committed to actively taking responsibility for what we take from our planet and what we give in return.

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Distance to Copenhagen
790 km
Anykščiai, Lithuania

Katmedis specialises in furniture made of hard wood and is conveniently located in Anykščiai, one of the greenest areas in Lithuania with a third of the region covered by forest.

The factory was originally created in the pre-war Lithuania, when the company's original founder - the grandfather of a current director Romas Katinas, opened the workshop. Unfortunately, because of the changes of the regime, the workshop had to be closed. Despite the break, his grandchildren Romas Katinas along with his two brothers decided to revive and to continue his grandfather's legacy.

Katmedis has a FSC certification
 which delivers business benefits by guaranteeing environmental and social responsibility. Its chain of custody certification verifies that products are handled correctly at every stage of production. They operate according to the local government laws covering governmental social insurance without any governmental debts.

The workshop keeps the long lasting manufacturing traditions and values as well as adopt new technologies and innovations into the business. Made today is dining tables, living room tables, cabinets, kitchen fittings and beds with almost all of its production going to Northern Europe.


Distance to Copenhagen
Vilnius, Lithuania

The factory is small and specialises in steel, they don't typically produce furniture but rather industrial objects that need to be very precise and withstand a lot of pressure. 

They came recommend as a place that we could partner with when developing our frame for the INTERLUDE daybed. After several visits it became clear that these people where the right for us, as they had best conditions and the quality was hard to match elsewhere.


Distance to Copenhagen
750 km
Alytus, Lithuania

S-Form is located in one of the industrial capitals in the north of Lithuania. They do pillows, seats, upholstery, frame manufacturing, foam parts and sewing. Specialized in high and stable quality (reclamation rate under 1%).

They are active in taking responsibility for Lithuania's unemployment situation. S-form is recruiting a lot of people from the unemployment agency ‘’Darbo birža’’.

We decided on the factory after several visits in Lithuania in order to ensure the best conditions and quality products.

CEO Saulius Mockus and CFO are involved full time in the day-by-day business activities. Quality checks and control in all of the production steps. They operate according to the local government laws, covering governmental social insurance without any governmental debts.

They produce mostly for Italian, German and Scandinavian furniture companies, exporting 100% from Lithuania.


Distance to Copenhagen
830 km
Jõgevamaa, Estonia

Softcom is located in the East of Estonia which is known as the coldest area in the country. In more than 10.000 square meters of production space, they combine fabrics, leather, metal, natural and composite wood into beautiful high quality products.

Softcom is a partner of many leading European furniture brands so it was natural to meet them and after several visits it became clear that these people were the right for us.