A chat with David Thulstrup

What did you have for breakfast? 

A banana and pear yogurt with oats and coffee with a drop of milk - in bed. I eat breakfast in my bed every morning.

Are you a good cook and is there something you always make your guests to return?

Pasta and ketchup (laughs). No, I’m joking. I usually make red wine braised pig jaw with mashed potatoes.

Do you dance at home?

Yes, with Martin.

What’s your favourite song to dance to?
What is a good track/album/playlist to hang out to?

Oh my god. Usually I just listen to whatever is on the radio when Martin puts it on. The few times I play music myself, it is an opera or classical music.

Are there any spaces / homes that have made an impact on you?  

My friend’s Philip’s house in France. It is one of the most liveable and cosy homes I have been to - I just never want to leave. A visit to Thorvaldsens museum every time makes a strong impression on me. The colours, terrace and high ceiling have always been a great inspiration to me. In my childhood I used to visit monasteries and churches with my parents, and they have such an impact on me. The scales of the buildings, the simplicity - but in the same time, often over decorated areas, were just overwhelmingly impressive for a small boy. In the memory it was a mix of something very grand - but very simple at the same time.

What was the house like where did you grow up? 

My childhood home was built on a hill, covered with rhododendron trees, colouring the hills pink during the certain periods of the year. The house was a very big wooden structure building with a big marble hall with wood panelling, a large living room and a dining room. In the basement we had a Ping-Pong table, wine cellar and a wood shop. The garden was big with massive trees that continued into the nearby forest. We used to have dogs, and they loved the garden. There was a little corner with all kinds of berries, and we had a huge fire place. Attached to the house was a 30-meter-long veranda, covered with yellow roses and red grapes and a very tall orangery, with a hole for goldfish in the ground and plaster carvings on the walls.

What’s your favourite thing at home?

This little yellow cup by Kaj Franck.

Who do you feel are doing cool things now or in the past?

At the moment I am really inspired by the people behind Stedsans in the woods. It’s a brilliant concept by this couple, a chef and a cookbook author, where they founded a restaurant in the middle of a forest in Halland, Sweden. Guests can dine and then sleep over in Bedouin tents or simple huts. I think that is pretty cool, I feel this is what we all need to do more often. Go low key and embrace nature. See more on Instagram: Stedsans in The Woods.

You clearly have a strong sense of aesthetic. Do you feel that you are inspired by different cultures, designers or people?

This is such a tricky question, I think there is a fixed aesthetic foundation in me, but I totally get inspired by everything and everyone around me. I try to have all of my antennas out all the time, to sense whatever inspiration or idea there might be awaiting me. These impressions then get filtered and developed according to the project. I don’t think that I have a specific style language, it all comes down to the project and the task. But I can honestly admit that I have a soft spot for minimalism and I am constantly looking for that “sparking” feature, the one that makes the concept pop up and “cool”.

Where is the best place to work? 

I do most of my work here at the office, but for digesting many of the topics and processes I have to go outside the office. At home, on my way to work - anywhere.

What should a sofa do for you?

It depends on the purpose - there are so many kinds of sofa “purposes”. There is the “reception sofa”, “lazy sofa” or “party sofa” to mention a few. A sofa for the home should, of course, fulfil multiple functions, comfort - one of the most important. You should be able to cuddle up on it, stretch your feet and take your Sunday nap. But then it is equally important for it to be a presentable piece of furniture, that you can be proud of. I like sofas that are placed free in the space, so for me it is important that it looks beautiful from all angles.

A correspondence between David and Jonas (COMMON), November 2017.