A chat with Chris L. Halstrøm

What did you have for breakfast? 

Today it was an apple. I rarely eat a regular breakfast on weekdays. I am not hungry until around 11 a.m.

Are you a good cook?

I am an ok cook but I do not really like cooking. My husband always does the cooking and he is really good at Thai dishes.

Do you dance at home & what’s your favourite song to dance to?

Sometimes. And Kooks by David Bowie is a good one to dance to.

What is a good track/album/playlist to hang out?

Anything by David Bowie. And I really like classical composers like Erik Satie and a jazz pianist Jan Johansson.

Are there any spaces / homes that have made an impact on you?  

When I was a kid I visited Alhambra in Granada. That place made me actively think what I want to do. What was the house like where did you grow up? I grew up in a typical sixties style house, 15 km away from Copenhagen. A real suburban area. We had three big windows next to each other overlooking the garden. I still miss these big windows sometimes.

What’s your favourite thing at home?

It is very hard to point out a certain object. I have a lot of stuff and I feel I need them all.

Who do you feel are doing cool things now or in the past?

Impossible to answer. There are so many different cool people in the world. But I have an enormous respect for the group Venligboerne. A big group of people from all kinds of backgrounds getting together to help others from all kinds of backgrounds without any prejudices. They are showing that meeting people with kindness is not naive, on the contrary it is the only way forward.

You clearly have a strong sense of aesthetic. Who/what inspires you? 

I think it is quite impossible to work with design in general without being influenced by what you meet in your surroundings. But of course you can seek this inspiration more or less actively. I like reading and especially Roland Barthes and Willy Ørskov have shaped how I think about design. And then I can not escape my fascination of the traditional Japanese approach to function and aesthetic.

How is it where you work?

My studio is placed in the oldest part of Copenhagen - everything is crooked, but I like it a lot and I feel it is a good space for me to work. I feel quite like at home there.

What should a sofa do for you?

A sofa should indicate a space for relaxing and it should be easy to use in different ways.

A correspondence over email between Chris and Jonas (COMMON), November 2017.