A chat with Rikke and Helle from Baum und Pferdgarten

What did you have for breakfast? 

R: I had cereal with my children before leaving for work. 

H: I grabbed something on my way out the door before biking to work with my dog. 

Are you good cooks? 

R: I am actually quite a good cook! I cook a lot for my family and guests stopping by. 

H: I enjoy watching cooking shows, but I am a terrible cook. I can make some mean salads, but that is about it. 

Do you dance at home?

R: We dance if there is a party. And especially if they are playing pop music!

H: Yes, some modern pop music. 

What is a good track/album/playlist to hang out? 

R: We have a colleague here at Baum und Pferdgarten who somehow always manages to create the perfect playlists to fit a situation!

H: We are an extremely close team and we love to hang out across departments, and when we do; whether it is Friday drinks, coffee or just hanging, she manages to capture the mood. 

Are there any spaces/homes that have made an impact on you?           

R: We travel to Salone del Mobile every year, which is a giant design fair in Milano. It is a very important trip for us.

H: It is where we can gather inspiration and just fill up. There are both exhibitions and amazing private homes that are made to be a showroom. 

What makes a happy home? 

R: Family. 

H: Family. Family and friends make the home. No matter how empty it might otherwise be. 

Whats your favorite thing at home? 

R: I have some different designs from the designer Cathrine Raben Davidsen, both paintings and a beautiful lamp I really love. 

H: I have a green version of the Snoopy lamp from Flos, which I adore. It is fun but still classic, and no matter where I put it, it lights up the place. Both literally and figuratively! 

What should a sofa do for you?

R&H: It should be the perfect surrounding for our families. Something that embraces life and the spilling that goes along with it. A sofa should – like the rest of your home – be a place for embracing calmness after a long day. 

And if you ask us, a sofa should also be either leopard or floral printed. Just because it is comfortable, it does not mean it has to be boring. 

A chat between Rikke, Helle, and Jonas (COMMON), May 2018.